We have a VR booth this year in which everyone can participate and have the chance to win a Speedseat!


Thanks to the support of Gemeente Zedelgem, we are able to organize an extra event during Lanfall V5 together with them: everyone (meaning also visitors which can visit Lanfall for free) can come and play the game in our Virtual Reality booth and have the chance to win a Speedseat!

For those who don’t know Speedseats: Speedseats are comfortable gaming chairs and are the best in its kind. Discover them and find out more on their website: https://www.speedseats.eu/.

In short: play a game in our virtual reality booth for free and you might just be the one to receive the free Speedseat at the end of Lanfall V5 that we are giving away together with Gemeente Zedelgem!

In detail:

  • What does it cost? Absolutely nothing! Participating is free and available for everyone, including visitors which can visit Lanfall V5 for free during the entire weekend.
  • Where will I find the VR booth? In the big white Lanfall tent that is standing next to the sports hall of Aartrijke (Zedelgem).
  • When can I play this game? During the entire weekend of 20 – 22 October at every possible hour.
  • When will the Speedseat be given away? At the end of Lanfall V5 (5 PM 22 October). There will be another surprise coming up about how we will be giving away the Speedseat. You will find out more soon!
  • Will I be spammed with e-mails and other things like that after I participated? Nope, we don’t have the time for that 🙂 🙂
  • What’s the game that we can play in the VR booth? This will be announced later on, stay tuned and make sure to save the date already!