Second place CS:GO 5v5: 5X Steelseries Sensei Wireless


We’re already at the last announcement for the second place prizes and it certainly isn’t the least…

The team that reaches the second place at the Lanfall V5 CS:GO 5v5 Gold Compo will receive 5 Steelseries Sensei Wireless gaming mouses!

This means that next up (finally, yes we know 🙂 ) are the first place prizes and because you’ve been waiting for long enough now, we’ll immediately start with the first one tomorrow evening.


CS:GO 5v5 Gold Compo: Second place prize

Second place FIFA: €50 Gamegear gift card + one FIFA 18 copy [PS4]


The weather this weekend was “meh”, but as from today we’re getting back to those hot and sunny days so it’s time to top this off with a new second place prize announcement!

He or she who reaches the second place of our FIFA Silver Compo at Lanfall V5 will not only receive a PS4 copy of the newest FIFA game, but will also be rewarded with a Gamegear gift card worth €50. Gamegear will be present on site the whole weekend so this will be the perfect opportunity to start dreaming of what you could buy if you are participating in the FIFA compo and feeling confident.

The first place prize of FIFA will be announced soon (before the end of July, the same goes for all the other first prizes) and we can already tell that it also will exist out of 2 different prizes for one person. We’re not going to tell what they are, but for one of them, you have three guesses. Right … everyone that reaches a spot in the top three will receive a PS4 copy of FIFA 18! Stay tuned and find out soon what the other prize for the first place will be.

Don’t forget to buy your ticket as an early bird before the end of July if you are planning to come to Lanfall V5 anyway. Why would you buy your ticket this early? This is why.

  • €5 discount for each ticket
  • You can be the person that wins a Speedseat for free during the weekend (renting one costs €35)
  • You can be the person that wins €25 to consume during Lanfall V5
  • The earlier you buy your ticket, the more empty spaces on the seatmap to choose from
  • And last, but not least: the earlier our tickets get sold, the less stress we as the crew have to deal with in order to be able to pay and organize everything. Being a small non-profit organization is not easy if you want to provide an unforgettable event to everyone who’s participating and visiting. Therefore we are very grateful to everyone who buys tickets this early and supports us by doing this.

Spread the word, spread the love, share our posts and please talk to us if there are questions or things you want to know. Cheers!


Second place prize FIFA Silver Compo

Second place League of Legends: 5x Corsair Scimitar Optical RGB gaming mouse

What better way to start the weekend than getting to know what the second team of our League of Legends Gold Compo @ Lanfall V5 will win?

This gorgeous Corsair Scimitar Optical RGB mouse will be given to each of the 5 players that lol’d their way through the competition.

Early bird ticket sales are almost halfway so make sure to get yours before the end of August!

Second place League of Legends: 5x Corsair Scimitar Optical RGB gaming mouse

Second place Rocket League: 3x €50 Steam Gift Card


Each player of the second team of our Rocket League Silver Compo @Lanfall V5 will receive a €50 Steam Gift Card.


Second place prize Rocket League

Second place Hearthstone: Corsair Strafe Mechanical – RGB LED – MX Brown


Now that all the third place prizes have been announced, we can move on to the next step in the ranking!

Just like we did with the third place, we’re kicking it off with Hearthstone: the person who reaches the second place of our Hearthstone Gold Compo @ Lanfall V5 will receive this awesome mechanical keyboard!

Other second places will follow at a high pass the coming days. Games will be ordered the same way as we did with the third place announcements, so those who payed attention will know what’s next!


Second place Hearthstone

Early bird tickets give away: free speedseat @ Lanfall V5


Early bird tickets have now been selling for a week already and we are proud to announce a first give away with which we want to thank you for already buying your Lanfall V5!


Each early bird ticket buyer has the chance to win his or her Speedseat for free @ Lanfall V5!!!


And that’s not all… There will be another ticket-related give-away announced soon for the regular buyers, but to thank the early bird buyers even more, you will also have the chance to win this give away as well!

Get your ticket soon at a €5 discount before the end of July and see if you can win one of the prizes!


The winner of the free Speedseat during Lanfall V5 will be announced and notified on the 12th of August.


Ticket sales have started



One to brighten up your lazy sunday afternoon – the last prize announcement before we kick off the early bird ticket sales within 6 days:

The third place of the CS:GO 5V5 Gold Compo @ Lanfall V5 will recieve 5X the Steelseries Rival 300 – CS:GO Fade Edition!



Third place prize CS:GO

Third place FIFA 18: one FIFA 18 copy [PS4]


As original as the crew can be, we figured that a copy of FIFA 18 for PS4 would be the perfect prize for the third place of our FIFA 18 Silver Compo!

And if that weren’t enough, our originality struck us again and we decided that the second and the first place should also recieve a copy of the new FIFA! … but of course, we can’t just go ahead and give the same prize to all three rankings, duh!

What the other prizes next to the FIFA 18 copy for place two and one will be, will be announced right after we start with the early bird ticket sales on the 1st of July.

Please keep your head cool these days and try to squish some coldpacks between your head and that headset!

FIFA 3rd place prize announcement

Third place League Of Legends: 5x Corsair MM200 Extended


5x Corsair MM200 Extended will be given to the third team of our League Of Legends Gold Compo @ Lanfall V5!

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend and stay tuned for more prize announcements.

Peace out!

League Of Legends Third Prize announcement

Third place Rocket League: 3x €25 Steam Gift Card


Next up for the 3rd place prize announcements: Rocket League. Each member of the team that reaches the 3rd place will receive a Steam Gift Card worth €25!

We are getting closer to the ticket sales! All third place prizes will be announced before the start of the ticket sales on the 1st of July.