We learned from our mistakes – these are the things we that will be improved this year


Last year was the first edition in the new, bigger venue in Aartrijke. After 3 editions in the small hall in Zedelgem, we were completely in sync with that place and after all the struggles and difficulties, everything was going perfect. Then we decided that it was the perfect time to move forward and take Lanfall to a new level in a new and bigger location. That all sounded very promising, but we had to start completely from 0 again and everything that we had learned in the first 3 editions in Zedelgem, didn’t matter anymore.

First of all, something that’s very positive as we were praying for those things to go well for the first time in the bigger venue, internet and electricity were perfect. There was one minor electricity-incident, but we don’t have control over random exploding computers… 🙂

Although it was a great edition and we realized that we made a good choice by moving to this new location, there were some issues during the weekend that we didn’t foresee and (we are very aware of that) have frustrated our gamers (and they had all good reasons to be frustrated).

Broken down toilets, wristbands that didn’t work, not enough sleeping space, the main gaming hall was very cold after some of the gamers left when they couldn’t compete for prizes anymore, long waiting lines at the bar, playstations that were occupied by visitors when they were needed for the FIFA compo, …

We were able to address most of the issues right away (calling an external company at 2 o’ clock in the morning and asking them to deliver mobile toilets immediately was probably the craziest thing we had to do), but still, it was not okay for those things to happen during the weekend, not for us, not for you.

Afterwards we looked into all the issues that we experienced and talked everything through. This is what we learned and we’ll be doing differently this year:

– Bigger tent
– Separate sleeping space in next door building with more than enough space for everyone
– Shower possibilities
– More (and working 🙂 ) toilets
– Heating for the main gaming hall (hired, not running on electricity and placed outside – no noise or smell)
– Larger compo desk
– An additional playstation
– Controllers will be kept by the crew at the bar – no more random people jumping on “free” playstations
– Secluded VR booth
– The awards stand will be placed differently in a way that there will be more room and making it easier for people leaving the main hall to pass by the crowd
– New and bigger parking area at 100m walk from the venue where everyone can leave his / her car. It’s possible to drop off gear at the venue direclty before parking of course

– Wrist bands that you can actually use your money from 🙂
– Breakfast available immediately (freshly baked in our own kitchen) without ordering
– Pasta!
– Big screen above the bar where we will display promotions
– An additional cash register (orders and payments will be handled quicker)
– Updated kitchen with a more efficiënt (thought through and tested) way of working – in short: you’ll get your food quicker

In the first place we are writing this post to address the people that were there last year and had the patience to let us deal with those issues. We are very thankful for all of your trust and we hope that this list of improvements will convince you to return to Lanfall for the 5th edition and help us to make this one the best edition so far! We also want to let possible new contestants know that we care about our gamers and that we do not take these issues for granted.

Thank you for understanding the fact that we are a growing group of volunteers who are still learning and the only thing we want is that our gamers can have the best LAN experience they can imagine. We hope to welcome you (again) at Lanfall V5!