First place FIFA: €200 cash + one FIFA 18 copy [PS4]


This is the last prize announcements for Lanfall V5: the winner of the FIFA Silver Compo will receive €200 cash and a copy of FIFA 18 for PS4!

With this all prizes for the upcoming edition of Lanfall have been announced. The only thing that’s left are the prizes for the FUN a.k.a. Bronze compos, but first we’ll take a break from spamming you and concentrate on some of the countless other things that come with the organization of a LAN-party. 🙂

Don’t forget that this is the last day of the early bird ticket sales! At midnight, the early bird ticket sales will be closed.

So if you want to get a €5 discount per ticket and want to have the chance to win a Speedseat for free during the weekend and / or €25 worth of food and drinks credit, buy your ticket now before the end of the day.


Fifa gold compo first place prize