Why come to Lanfall V5

Why come to Lanfall V5?

1. €7000 prize pool

If you mean business in the competitions, we also do. Have a look at our prizes on the compo’s & prizes page: https://www.lanfall.be/compos/


2. The complete LAN experience … and more

With €7000 worth of compo prizes, a professionaly equiped kitchen and bar, over 280 gamers, the presence of Gamegear, Speedseats, a VR booth, 3 playstations in a lounge setup, a logical choice of popular compo’s, … all put together by a young and enthousiastic crew, there’s your complete LAN experience.

The experience of our crew and the equipment that we use is also a guarantee for a LAN-party without any electrical or network related failures.

What’s more?

We try to differentiate ourselves by organizing more than “just” a LAN-party. The tent that is immediately connected with the main gaming hall gives us and you possibilities:

  • Professional and big kitchen
  • Big bar with screens and a lot of cash registers
  • Tables and seats where you can chill in a relaxing environment
  • 3 playstations
  • Saturday evening DJ (of course we will make sure to not influence the atmosphere in the main gaming hall)
  • VR booth (did you know that you as a participant and everyone who visits can win a Speedseat? Read more about it in this article: https://www.lanfall.be/vr-booth-year-everyone-can-participate-chance-win-speedseat/
  • Live football streaming
  • Foosball table (this is also a fun compo, more info: https://www.lanfall.be/compos/)
  • Nothing else going on in the main gaming hall except for gaming

This year we are also focusing on more fun compo’s. You don’t need to go home or be bored when you are done with the compo’s that you have participated in, because there’s a lot more to participate in and to win. Check out our fun a.k.a. bronze compo’s on the compo’s and prizes page: https://www.lanfall.be/compos/










3. We strive to improve and care about the experience of our participants

We’ve come a long way since the first edition of Lanfall and last year was the biggest step we have taken so far by moving to the new and bigger venue in Aartrijke. We invested a lot in scaling up and adding to the experience, but obviously there is always room for improvement. Because we care a lot about how our participants experience Lanfall, we spend a whole year on thinking on what we can do better and what can be improved the next time. Here’s a list with changes that will make your Lanfall V5 experience: https://www.lanfall.be/learned-mistakes-things-will-improved-year/


4. The food, it is damn good!

Certainly not the least important factor during a good LAN-weekend: food! We value the quality of everything that leaves our kitchen. This year has been all about analyzing the menu, the quality and having a professional and improved way of working. We will also have an additional display this year where you will be able to follow promotions.

AND… Breakfast will this year be available without pre-ordering, freshly baked in our own kitchen!

Find out the entire menu together with the economical Lanfall prizes on this page: https://www.lanfall.be/food-drinks-other-stuff/

Oh we also organized a test and taste day together with the catering-part of our crew. Here are some pictures of the actual food we have made that day – hopefully you’re not too hungry when reading this 🙂


4. We’re here to stay

Already the fifth edition of our awesome LAN and we keep growing in all possible ways! We hope to see you in October and in all the years to come!